and the tonys


brockytony is an innovative start-up that has given the product its name. The managing directors and employees - the tonys - are not young entrepreneurs at all, but long-standing professionals in the decoration sector. Originating from Europe's market leader for decorative litter Eurosand, the team is characterized by a high degree of experience, competence and passion for beautiful decoration. The brockytonys have been at the start with brockytony and the tonys since January 2019.


From the choice of raw materials through to the packaging - brockytonys represent our high quality standards. The raw materials consist 100% of mineral clay to which the naturally occurring minerals kaolin and potassium water glass are added. The colour pigments are environmentally friendly and ecological. The entire production chain is “Made in Germany” and follows a well-developed and standardised, automated process. The specialised colouring process is patent pending. Orders are fulfilled reliably and on time, even in large quantities.


At the initial presentations at trade fairs and customer events the response to the colourful plant substrate was highly positive, interest shown by national and international customers in the nifty plant idea was huge. brockytonys are environmentally friendly, can be used creatively and whet the appetite for an atmospheric ambience. The fresh, cheeky and colourful world of brockytonys has its finger firmly on the pulse of the mega-trends “sustainability”, “upcyling” and “cocooning” which magnifies sales.


In our showroom you will find a great presentation of current trend themes, seasonal plants and various application examples. Due to the close cooperation with the company GBF Bildungszentrum Floristik GmbH we are always well equipped and look forward to your visit. Simply make an appointment via our contact form or call us on 0961 39885-46.